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We have just had an incredible leadership conference with Troy. We are so lucky to have him back here. We are looking forward to having him back tons of times in the future.  It was great! Everyone was involved- it was enthusiastic and interactive. Between the smiles and tears, it was a great day. I appreciate everything you have done for us. Michael Sanseviro, Director, Student Life, GA Perimeter College, Georgia

[The BEST IDEA I gained from this program is that] this will help me and other committee members work together. Elliott Harris, Student, Saint Paul College, Minnesota

Best program I have ever attended! Alisha Panunzio, Student, Westminster College, Pennsylvania

It was Awesome! Troy rules at life and should be a requirement for every college student to see him! Rory Paccy, Student, Ashland University,

Being able to open up to someone unfamiliar gave me a new belief that I can do it. The experience was overwhelming. Lori Stewart, Coordinator, Student Organizations, Jackson State University,

Words are alive and operative. They have the power to make or break you. Ramel Evans, Student, Florida Community College, Florida

There was an immense amount of positivity in this program. Susan Boyd, Student, Southwestern Community College

Great Job!! Students need you. Mindy Maddux, Director of Residential Life, State Fair Community College

Troy and so much value to our leadership conference with his energy, enthusiasm. You can see the passion he has for what he is doing – it just exudes.  You can’t help but be infected by his passion – he is provoking people to be the best persons they can be to add value to themselves, to their brothers and sisters, to their families, and to their communities. You would be blessed to have him be a part of your leadership conference or activity. He will provoke you to action. Irene Prue, Dean of Students, GA Perimeter College, Georgia

Every time I listen to you, I’m a better person. I can’t express exactly what listening to you does to me! Millicent, Student, St. Petersburg College

This is a wonderful program – by the end, I could not help but to smile because I felt so good about myself and about the difference I can make on my campus. Erin Tess, Student, Ashland University,

It was great. I feel much better about days to come. I realized that my dreams WILL come true. Wanda Rodriquez, Student, Berkeley College,

This program was astounding! Students face so many barriers in today’s world, and to have someone show us that we can powerfully overcome our barriers is incredible! Justin Stiles, Student, Ohio Northern University, Ohio

This is the best session. Every time I attend this session, it makes me feel good about myself, gain confidence in myself, and believe in my self. Thanks for everything. Judy Freese, Student Senator Advisor, Marshalltown Community College, Iowa

I love the way that Troy connects with his audience; he leaves you feeling like you can achieve anything with the tools he gives. Juice, Activities Director, Cowley College, Kansas

Thank you for being so wonderful. Everyone who saw your program left a better person. Kelly Russell, SGA President, Cedar Crest College, Pennsylvania

The was the best ed session I’ve been to. Thank You! Josette Esantar, Student, Miami Dade College, Florida

Excellent and very fun. I learned how to change without changing my identity. Takeeia, Student, Florida Community College, Florida

Awesome – Very motivational – I loved it. I learned that who I am makes a difference and that my words have power. Candice E., Student, Coastal GA Community College, Georgia

It was great and mind opening. I wish the session could be longer. I learned that compromising plays an important role in establishing a good relationship. Jamita Charita, Student, Broward Community College, Florida

Keep up the good work, because we need your voices to be heard on this powerful topic. Samantha Morris, Student, Palm Beach Community College, Florida

I loved it! It was very interactive and fun. Crissy Reagan, Student, Roane State Community College

I thought it was excellent finding out different opinions. Doris Williams, Student, Bossier Parish Community College.

It was phenomenal and informative. It should have been longer. Tashawna Downers, Student, Broward Community College, Florida

I liked the programs being interactive. It was helpful for me. I really enjoyed it. Crystal Savoca, Student, GA Military College, Georgia

It was a good learning experience that I can apply to my current relationships. I learned that compromise is key to healthy relationships. Zizi Barhouma, Student, California State – Long Beach, California

Relevant topic – especially for college students. I learned that communication is key to ideal relationships and that we must take time to let things progress. Shirley Stary, Asst Dean of Students, Ashland University,

More time with these guys would be great! J. Tyler Collum, Student Admissions, Floyd College, Georgia

Well carried out and energetic. It was enjoyable and thought-provoking material. Jennifer Lewis, Student, Palm Beach Community College, Florida

Excellent – an insight to me that the power is within us. Scott Knoulson, Student, St. Petersburg College,

Excellent program. A true feeling of satisfaction. I reached a new level of understanding about myself and what holds me back. Daniel Santiago, Student, Berkeley College, California

One of the best programs I have ever attended! I can do it!! Tino Chitsinde, Student, Texas Christian University, Texas

It allowed me to realize my weakness, place it upon another object, step outside my spiritual/physical limitations and smash its control of my life.  Troy was very enthusiastic, empowering, deep, and sincere. He genuinely desired to make a difference in my life. Justen Ellis, Student, University of Mary Hardin – Baylor,

Great program – very uplifting – I faced my fear of being insignificant. Braden McCall, SGA President, Valencia Community College, Florida

WOW – speechless! A great way to re-ignite yourself and realize barriers are not in control! J. Tyler Collum, Admissions Staff, Floyd College, Georgia

Troy really knows how to energize and empower a crowd! Rob Sullivan, Speaker, Rob Sullivan Productions, Illinois

It was awesome. Thank you Troy for showing me that I am strong and can do anything. Giselle Arios, Student Senator, Hillsborough Community College, Florida

Excellent. [This program] makes me feel positive about myself and everyone else.  [I learned] to set my barriers as challenges and then go through them.  I liked that everyone was looking out for each other, like we were connected through positivism. Aida Ahumada, Student, Valencia Community College, Florida

The program was such an awesome experience that I am going to share with everyone. It was fun learning to act silly. Nancy Nicolas, Student, Broward Community College, Florida

Wonderful fun, Troy. You’re excellent at this! Deb, Associate, Good Thinking Company, California

Excellent! Enjoyed waking to fun games. I learned how to use energy, work together, to have fun. Mike Smith, Student, Berkeley College, California

One word… AWESOME!! Jon Osborn, Student, Bridgewater College,

Very informative! I realized that I do focus on me too much in a conversation. Angelina Lopez, Student, Paul Quinn College, Texas

AWESOME! You have changed my life forever! I can do anything – I CAN OVERCOME MY FEARS!!!! Yaneli Garcia, Student, Yuba College, California

I liked most Troy’s attitude. He brought us into situations and taught us how to deal with everyday issues.Jennifer, Student, Adelphi University, New York

[The BEST IDEA I gained was that] if we focus on a positive idea we work towards it. We have to let go of all the negatives in our lives. Beryl Ann Bray, Student, Clarion University, Pennsylvania

Great! This was extremely useful & will help me in my meetings. Bolden Harris, Student, Palmer College of Chiropractic, Iowa

Great! This program can benefit anyone of any age. Katherine Crafton, Student, Sherman College of Straight Chiropractic, South Carolina

The program was excellent – I learned what I needed to use in my organization immediately. Chris Elsesser, Student, Siena College, New York

Great – the best session I have been to! Ya’ll both have amazing ability to reach out & inspire people. Cory Copeland, Student, Texas A&M University – Commerce, Texas

I enjoyed the program – very relevant information and useful skills while engaging in conversations. Ben Crutcher, SGA Vice President, Southern Illinois University, Illinois

The impossible became possible. Jamar Matt, Student, Lehigh Carbon Community College, Pennsylvania

This is the most applicable interpersonal communications workshop I have attended. Justin Cole, Student, Ohio Northern University, Ohio

Leadership is within. Kathy, PTK Vice President, Reading Area Community College, Pennsylvania

[It was] very emotional. The presenter’s emotions add to the affect of the program. Katie Miller, Student, Washington State University, Washington

It was a great way to learn effective communications and still have a ton of fun! Karen Ehrhardt, Student, Shippensburg University, Pennsylvania

I had absolute confidence that I could break that board. I learned that I need to determine how to gain the same confidence that I had in overcoming my barriers in life. Lenae Weichel, Staff, Rock Valley College, Illinois

Wonderful job! Extremely valuable information! I loved your enthusiasm and passion! Gina, Student, El Paso Community College, Texas

Uplifting, inspirations, and very rewarding. [The BEST IDEA I gained is that] I am okay. Michael Burnett, Faculty, New York Institute Of Technology, New York

[The BEST IDEA I gained was] inspiration, motivation, power to keep climbing the steep mountain of life. Jesus Jaime Diaz, Student, BMCC,

This workshop was dynamic! It was full of energy and included great ideas which are practical for Students and staff alike. The audience participation made this program very valuable. Marguerite Stephens, Student Activities Coordinator, Pitt Community College, North Carolina

The interaction, the charisma, that he presents is contagious. He really convince you to BE the difference.Glenis Padilla, Student, InterAmerican University, Puerto Rico

Great interaction! Facilitators were extremely friendly. Both are upbeat and friendly and seem to appreciate comments from the audience. Krissy Thomason, SGA President, Pitt Community College, North Carolina

The program flowed with questions & reasonable answers.  Just being able to talk with my peers was insightful.Becky, Student, University of Evansville, Indiana

This was very informational and I learned a lot about communicating. Ashley Rucker, Student, North Idaho College, Idaho

[The BEST idea I gained was that] breaking through barriers requires ACTION! Stacey Cook, Ph. D., Director of Student Affairs, College of Marin, California

Being a leader means you are also a strong follower and until you can be a good follower and listening, you cannot be a true leader! Thanks for pointing this out! Jamie Stobie, Student, Franklin Pierce College, New Hampshire

To break through my barrier, my fear and to confront it at that moment, was an amazing experience – one that I will treasure always. Susan Zagciuvinskas, Student, Cedar Crest College, Pennsylvania

GR8 eye-opener. The best idea I got was not to diminish someone’s experience by comparing it to your own. I had never looked at it that way. Thanks. Tara Thomasson, Student, Lower Columbia College, Washington

Absolutely amazing. I was inspired to write a poem. Jason Daniels, Student, Central Connecticut State University, Connecticut

Wonderful – allowed me to finally admit to myself what my true barrier is – me! Deon Lopez, SGA President, Truman College, Illinois

Powerful! Amazing! The most emotional, invigorating, inspiring, motivational program I’ve ever experienced!Vicky Ransom, Asst Director, University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Nothing can keep me back from being what I can become in life! Neville, Student, University of the Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands

[The program] taught me a lot about dealing with anger in communication. Bill Pear, Student, Caldwell College, New Jersey

Awesome, amazing, life changing. Something I will never forget. I can do anything I put my mind to. [I liked most] the feeling that all these people were supporting you- and the togetherness. Andrea Henckel, Student, Albuquerque TVI, New Mexico

Amazing. Couldn’t talk afterwards because I was tearing up. [I learned] I can change my life. I feel free now.Lancelot Mollen, Student, Bellarmine University, Kentucky

It really put things in perspective and I see now where I can make improvements. Shannon Shaw, Student, Caldwell College, New Jersey

Excellent! You helped me like myself and appreciate others. Laura Cedillo, Student, California State – San Bernadino, California

Great! Exciting! [It was] fun and never boring.  [The best idea I gained was how to] focus on communication from different points of view Joanna Lubach, Student, Central Connecticut State University, Connecticut

[It was] very touching and informational. [You] gave me a new perspective.  [The BEST IDEA was that] I learned how to appreciate people in 15 seconds. Nidia Islas, Student, College of Marin, California

High Energy and Interactive Matt Rubba, Student, Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey

Great! A good look at the building blocks of communication, and how they fit together.  [The BEST IDEA I gained was the advice to] see yourself from outside of yourself. Michael Shauger, Student, Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey

There is no greater thrill than conquering your fear by using fear as motivation! AMEN! Jamie Stobie, Student, Club Coordinator, Franklin Pierce College, New Hampshire

This has come at the most important part of my life. I have been moved emotionally & physically. I think the thing that I got is mainly the confidence that my goal is attainable and there are people in this world that can instill that in you and confirm that you are a person that can move on in life and attain your goals. Troy is awesome – AWESOME! Elizabeth Romero II Felty, Student, GA Perimeter College, Georgia

Troy seems to have done a lot of research in terms of positive thinking, encouragement, brain transformation,etc. I gained a lot of insight, and a lot of knowledge that I didn’t have before. It boosted my confidence even further. I’m much more encouraged to take the world by storm. Kathia Laguerre, Student, GA Perimeter College, Georgia

I had the opportunity to hear some of the greatest motivational speakers. It was very enlightening. I learned a lot and got fired up. Mebu Barday, Student, GA Perimeter College, Georgia

Thanks! You are a blessing!! Brett A. Cummings, Student, Olympia College, Washington

I thought it was really informative and I loved it! Frank Flaherty, Student, Penn State University, Pennsylvania

[The BEST IDEA I gained was that] barriers can be conquered if you can take it step by step. Jesse Hecht, Student, Penn State University, Pennsylvania

The best session of the program Nick Bonkosky, Student, Penn State University, Pennsylvania

Fantastic! You guys are amazing! Thank you a million. [I learned] that I can do anything. Jessica Pilcher, Student, Rochester Community and Technical College, Minnesota

It was awesome! The presenter was real down to earth people and knows what it is like for us college students right now because he has been there. The program was both informative and inspirational. Chelsie Gorzalka, Student, Sheridan College, Wyoming

I thought it was the best session I attended. [I liked] getting to know and truly appreciate people [the most] even though it was a short period of time. Walker Wise, Student, South Puget Sound CC, Washington

It really made me feel good about myself and empowered me to realize that I can change things even if it’s a small one. [The BEST IDEA was that] everyone can make a change, even if its small by acknowledging someone’s presence. Jamie Sullivan, Student, Southern Connecticut State University, Connecticut

[This session] really makes you think and reflect. [The BEST IDEA was] complimenting others and finding ways that they make or could make a difference. Jenny Potter, Student, Southern Connecticut State University, Connecticut

Great. I have dreams and I will chase them. Thanks for reminding me how great I am. Candice Dayban, Student, University of Hawaii – Manoa, Hawaii

Excellent! The whole presentation applied to the variety of problems that come up either with school or organizations. Hardeep Jassal, Student, University of Massachusetts – Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Great as a leadership tool for instructors and students learning the elements. Cathryne Jordan, Advisor/Counselor, University of Washington, Washington

If you pursue to reach your goals, you can do it no matter the barrier. All is possible. Zayra Reyes, Counselor, UPR-MSC School of Pharmacy, Puerto Rico

This program was very informative. It helped me to see some of the things I need to work on in communicating with others. Angelique Jackson, Student, Woodbury University, California

I really enjoyed myself today. It’s truly been a learning experience here today listening to Troy  Stende. It was an experience that blew me away. The opportunity to listen to him has proved to be beneficial in the real world. It was a rewarding experience. I hope to take what I’ve learned today and pass it on. Rome Pearson, Student, Gwinnett Technical College, Georgia