Stende Inspirations has been helping colleges and universities create connections and strengthen campus community since 1998. We present experiential and dynamic campus programs that include student icebreakers and orientation keynotes; customized trainings and retreats for student leaders; and programs for staff, faculty and student advisors. We are dedicated to developing campus leaders and increasing student retention.
  • Leadership retreat facilitator

    Leadership retreat facilitator

    Experientially based and customized to your desired outcomes....

  • Leadership conference keynote

    Leadership conference keynote

    Keynotes and breakout sessions designed to get the...

  • Orientation Icebreakers

    Orientation Icebreakers

    Icebreakers that meet the students where they are...

  • Orientation Leader training

    Orientation Leader training

    Giving them the skills they need to be...

  • It truly was a great experience that that has been the topic of several conversations with our students this week.Your efforts have inspired them to “break through” those habits that have held them back and become the leader they wish to be. Let’s hope the students continue the journey!
    Steve Brady, M.A.
    Manager/Campus Life Office
    St. Louis Community College at Meramec

    • 14 years experience
    • 500+ clients
    • 3-time winner : “Best Campus Speaker
    • higher than 80% rebooking rate year after year
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